This project is indeed a Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody, a rhapsody in green, with full grown small trees in the gardens of homes, made possible through specially developed technology. The goal as always, has been to embrace nature and integrate it with our living spaces and provide a sense of a home on the ground, even on the 27th oor.

The property is fortunate to have a lake on its east and, to maximize the views of the lake, the apartments have been placed closer to it. However, to control the scale of the high- rise towers along the lake edge, the lower level apartment homes facing the lake are arranged in a stepped manner, creating a terraced hill appearance and providing open-to- sky gardens for each. All the L30 and L45 apartment homes face the lake.

The inviting streets around our homes are carefully planned to encourage pedestrians, enhance disabled friendly access and discourage high-speed vehicular traffic.