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eBuild: Our online proprietary tool helps you customise almost every aspect of your home. You can choose from a wide range of space layout options, styles, colours and themes. eBuild can even provide instant information on costs and feasibility. Our in-house consultants will guide and assist you during the process.
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Landscape   Customise your selection of colours, textures and materials for floors, walls and work-tops. Once the flooring material is chosen, the software presents coordinated options for skirting, wall paints, veneers etc.


Landscape   The layouts and finishes of various furniture elements can be customised for that elusive blend of form and function. The finishes come in a range of themes which can be selected keeping in mind the desired look of the space. OPTIONS: Wardrobes, walk-in closets, dresser units and study units.


Landscape   eBuild offers a range of sanitary and plumbing fittings for bathrooms, kitchen, powder room and utility spaces. These are available in well coordinated sets that satisfy varied tastes, budgets and functional requirements.


Landscape   State-of-the-art home automation system makes the interaction with your home a seamless and pleasurable experience.
OPTIONS: Curtain controls, additional sub-phones, bathroom phones, mood lighting, and extra ip cameras.

Electrical Layout

Landscape   You can even customise the electrical layouts in each space for easy access and convenience.
OPTIONS: Add or remove points for lights, outlets, phones, Internet and two-way controls.


Landscape   eBuild lets you customise the interior layout of your home to adapt to your family's lifestyle and needs.
OPTIONS: Number of rooms, room sizes, layouts, furniture layouts, positions of doors etc.


Landscape   The garden can be customised in myriad ways.
Options: Soft or hard landscaping, simple or elaborate detailing, bird-baths, lily ponds and exotic flora.

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