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I started Total Environment because I believed that I could enhance the quality of life for thousands of families by providing them with better designed spaces to live and work in. Spaces that are comfortable, friendly and warm, with every little detail sensitively designed and executed. I also believed that we could improve the quality of our built environment by creating buildings that are in harmony with the natural landscape. We are proud of the buildings and spaces we have designed and built and hope that those we create in the future will have an even greater positive impact on the world.


In the years since we started [1996], with just Rs. 10,000, we have been able to earn the trust of over 900 home owners that we have served across Bangalore and Pune. Our Projects have won several National and International Awards for Design and Development


In 2008, we invested into a furniture company, Quetzel, where we take great care to build furniture that, even though it’s factory made, feels like hand-crafted furniture and not like modular furniture. Great care is taken in the selection of natural veneers and solid wood to bring in this feel


in 2012 we set up a Jazz Theatre and Microbrewery, Windmills Craftworks, where we produce some of the best hand-crafted ales in the country and serve the best American Food in Bangalore, and also bring to India, some of the best musical talent from across the world – at the Jazz Theatre.


In 2014 we set up the Total Environment Music Foundation. Through this we bring to India, some of the best musical talent from across the world in up-close and personal, intimate concerts at our Jazz Theatres as well as larger format concerts. The Music Foundation will also provide world class music education, training and recording and production facilities for talented and committed musicians.


We are now embarking on larger Real Estate projects in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad, as well as a beautiful Resort in South India, and plan to set up more Jazz Theatres and Microbreweries across the country and bring more great music to India through our Music Foundation.


We love what we do and have a great time doing it. We have always believed in the approach of finding the solution within the problem itself - instead of looking outside. This has helped us innovate and create new concepts that have added great value for our customers.


We have a team of very passionate and committed people and are now looking for more creative, hands-on, passionate people. People who are not trapped by dogma. People who have the courage to follow their heart and intuition. People who are willing to take risks and to go all the way to do whatever it takes to succeed.


My dream has always been to build an organization that is loved and respected. My heroes have been companies like Apple, BMW, Harley-Davidson & the Oberoi Group of Hotels. If you have a similar dream, we are waiting for you. Give us a call.

Kamal Sagar

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